Signs To Look For When Considering Investments In High-Potential Neighborhoods

Before thinking of investing in a property, most real estate investors need to ensure they know the lay of the land — literally and figuratively. Gaining insight into what changes are coming for a market can mean the difference between finding a long-term investment, or discovering that a property isn't worth half what you paid for it.

So what signs should real estate investors look for when looking in specific neighborhoods or regions? Which factors impact properties with high-potential values and how can investors find out about them?

BENA Capital’s Yousif Abudra and other members of Forbes Real Estate Council open up about the signs they look for when investing in certain regions with potentially high values.

Pay Attention To City Planning/Zoning Meetings

To be ahead of the curve, you can't wait until you see the cranes and construction trucks. Sign up for city planning/zoning update meetings, which are posted online for many municipalities. These will tell you where the next new major developments will be, giving you plenty of time to acquire and improve adjacent properties just before values increase. - Yousif Abudra, BENA Capital, LLC

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