Multifamily Value-Add

Our approach to multifamily investing is to add value. 

Investors generally struggle to find the right balance between stable cash flow and appreciation potential.  BENA Capital's unique approach to debt-free investing in multifamily properties achieves both objectives.

We are able to acquire properties at or below market prices due to our cash offers.  We buy quality properties in locations with growth potential and strong employment bases.  Many times the properties have been poorly managed and have higher than market vacancy rates or require capital improvements.

Once re-positioned, the properties generate stable cash flows for investors year after year.  And, the properties typically achieve a significant increase in value due to BENA Capital's management and property improvements.  Once stabilized, we sell the property at market price for a healthy gain.

Why Multifamily?

Place to Live.png

Everyone needs a place to live

Multifamily is a highly recession resistant investment as people always need a place to live.  Home ownership rates continue to fall as housing preferences change to favor renting.

Cash Flow.png

stable cash flow Generation

Multiple units provide protection to cash flow.  With multiple tenants paying rent, there is not a reliance on a single tenant.

Add Value.png

ability to add value

Multifamily investments are bought for their income production.  By increasing the income produced, the value of the asset can be significantly increased, resulting in large gains.