We believe in a different way.

We believe that value is created by improving assets and growing profits, not financial engineering.

We believe in improving neighborhoods and communities through each investment.

We believe there is no trade-off between being ethically and socially responsible, and earning strong returns for our investors.

We believe in doing what we say and delivering on our promises.

We believe in the power of a debt-free investment approach.

We believe in making real estate investments accessible to everyone.

If you see the world as we do, join us on this mission.


We didn’t set out to build a real estate investment firm. For the first decade, the focus was on investing our own wealth in the field we knew best: real estate.

We wanted to align our portfolio with our values. Our goal was to invest responsibly — to protect and grow our capital — with zero debt.

As time passed, people started to ask to invest with us. We realized that folks had few alternatives to invest, if not with us, so in 2014 we founded BENA Capital as a private real estate investment firm.


Our self-imposed condition for proceeding down this path was that we would never create an investment that we would not invest in ourselves. We believe in alignment with our investors, partners, and communities so that everyone comes out ahead. We invest in every single one of our funds because we believe it is the best place for our own capital. And we think simple is best: simple structures, straightforward performance sharing, and no hidden fees.

Powered by Equity is not just a phrase - it is at the heart of what we do. Equity in our investments, and equity with our investors.


We will not grow for the sake of growing. We will remain selective of the investors we take on, and the properties we invest in. We are building something special: a reputation as a trusted partner.