Our Approach

BENA Capital provides an alternative to investors in real estate.  Since our investments use no debt, our investors have significantly lower risk and achieve much more stability in investment returns compared to traditional models.  In our investments, there is zero risk of mortgage default and foreclosure.

Competitive Advantage

Since we come to the table with 100% cash offers, BENA Capital is able to achieve lower purchase prices and more favorable deal terms, resulting in stronger returns for our investors.  We are able to acquire quality properties that do not qualify for financing - and focus on properties that are not on the radar of institutional investors but too large for the average individual investor.

Investor Alignment

The team at BENA Capital invests alongside our investors in every single property.  This is a core value of our investment philosophy.  We stand behind each investment we offer to investors by being the first to contribute funds.

Additionally, our structure is set up so that BENA Capital shares in the success of the investment, only if investors are profitable.  We firmly believe that if we cannot deliver competitive profits to investors, we have not earned a share in those profits.

comprehensive investment management

BENA Capital identifies, analyzes, and selects portfolio investments based on strict quantitative and qualitative criteria. This disciplined due-diligence process ensures a data-driven approach and has enabled BENA Capital to consistently produce strong returns for our investors.

BENA Capital Process.png